Sculptures of aquatic fish & sharks

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Image of Hotrod Great White Shark
Great White Shark
Large MAKO Shark
Large Mako Shark Sculpture
Image of Swordfish
54-inch Swordfish Sculpture
Image of Sailfish w/ no pinstripe
6ft Sailfish Sculpture
Image of Bat Ray
21-inch Bat Ray Sculpture
Image of Hotrod Black Tip Shark
37-inch Black Tip Shark
Image of Hotrod flamed Tuna Fish
51inch Tuna Fish Sculpture
Image of Thresher Shark
99-inch Thresher Shark
Image of 41-inch Hammerhead Shark
41-inch Hammerhead Shark
Image of Hotrod Black Tip Shark
6ft Sailfish
Image of MahiMahi/Dorado
Dorado / Mahi Mahi
Image of Bat Ray
37-inch Bat Ray
3 hotrod fiberglass turtles
Sea Turtles
Fiberglass custom-painted hotrod 120-inch hammerhead shark sculpture
120-inch Hammerhead
Pacific Barracuda
Pacific Barracuda
Image of Atlantic Barracuda
Atlantic Barracuda
Image of 76inch Hotrod Black Tip Shark
76-inch Black Tip Shark
Image of 48inch Hotrod sailfish
48-inch sailfish
Hotrod sharks, fish, turtles, Bat Rays...
Flamed Aquatic Sculptures
Hotrod sharks, fish, turtles, Bat Rays...
More Aquatic Sculptures
Fiberglass flamed shark, bat ray, & sailfish
Black Tip Shark, Bat Ray & Sailfish
Black Tip Shark & MahiMahi
Flamed fiberglass shark, Bat Rays & Sailfish
Shark, Sailfish & Bat Rays


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