Fins and Flames of Shark and Fish Sculptures.

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Many of the shark sculptures have been featured in the Real World San Diego. If you are interested in finding out and aquiring the exact pieces featured in the real world San Diego, please visit our MTV Fish Sculpture Page by Clicking Here.

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Shark Art SHARKSTodd's shark sculptures include Great white sharks, Mako sharks, Black tip sharks, Hammerhead sharks, and Thresher sharks. The most popular shark artwork Todd has produced is black tip sharks. His black tip sharks come in 2 different sizes and all of them are custom-painted with House of Kolor exclusive paints, which is often used for automotive custom paint jobs. His black tip sharks are more sleek, and maybe more hydrodynamic compared to the great white sharks. Todd's great white sharks are another popular shark pieces that he sells. These great white sharks are huskier, more buffed, and girthed pieces compared to black tip sharks. The hammerhead sharks Todd has sculpted can be described as more distinctive, unique, and more time-consuming pieces to make due to their dimensions of their hammer-like heads. Todd's thresher sharks have a greatly elongated tail fin.

Marlin & Sailfish Art BILLFISHTodd's billfish sculptures include Sailfish, Marlins & Swordfish. The most popular billfish sculptures Todd has produced have been sailfish sculptures. Just like all of Todd's sculptures, his sailfish sculptures are custom-painted with House of Kolor exclusive paints, which are often used for automotive custom paint jobs! The sailfish's upper jaw elongated in form of spear, and first dorsal dynamically enlarged in the form of a sail. Just like sailfish, marlins are another kind of billfish and closely related to sailfish. The most noticeable differences between sailfish and marlins are sailfish's spectacular sail-like dorsal. Marlins also have upper jaw elongated in form of spear with no sail-like dorsal. The recent hard sculpting work and dedication to billfish sculptures, Todd has introduced a new billfish sculpture of swordfish. The swordfish sculptures also have its elongated spear-like jaw as we referred to a sword-like upper jaw.

Fish Art OTHER FISHThis category introduces all other fishes rather than sharks and billfish that are available. That includes Tuna, Mahi-Mahi / Dorado, Atlantic Barracuda, Pacific Barracuda, Big Mouth Bass, Flying Fish, and Bone Fish. Atlantic barracudas and Pacific barracuda come with real shark teeth creating their powerful existences. His Dorado / Mahi-Mahi fish sculptures definitely give you a tropical and warm feelings to the atmosphere with its hotrod flamed paint job. Todd also works on other kinds of fishes as his clientele requests.

Batray Art BATRAYSTodd's bat ray sculptures come in three different sizes. The small bat ray sculptures can fit in smaller areas than any other sculptures Todd carries. The bat rays flex its tail from side to side instead of swimming like fish. As their name indicates rays flap its bat-like wings to get by. Todd's sculptures are very popular pieces of his artworks. It may not be a surprise fact since bat rays are close relatives of sharks! Todd's bat rays are beautifully yet precisely sculpted that they have been displayed at Museum of Flight in Seattle. Their airplane-like body dimensions have kept impressing and aspiring fans of aircrafts and space travelers.

porpoises Art PORPOISE & DOLPHINSTodd's porpoise & dolphin sculptures come in different sizes, but the life size dolphin sculptures are the most precisely and beautifully sculpted pieces of real artworks. These dolphins can be painted realistically, with water drops, underwater scenes as mural sculptures, or any ways you would like. His porpoise sculptures are such rare artworks existing around the world that are precisely proportionate yet look extremely adorable at the same time! Todd also designed and sculpted smaller porpoise pieces. One of these artworks comes with real coral reefs dolphin sculptures mounted on top.

turtle & whale Art TURTLES & WHALESThe last category of Todd's aquatic sculptures includes sea turtles, whales & killer whales. The sea turtle sculptures come in 2 different sizes. These pieces are sculpted and painted with/out shell patterns, and closely shaped with Kemp's ridley Sea turtles. Todd's humpback whale is his land marking art piece he did as a project. You can take a photographed tour of how he designed, shaped, and sculpted this magnificent living creature as a humpback whale art piece.



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Porpoise, dolphin and turtle sculptures: turtles, sea mammals and more. We have taken aquatic art to a new level, combining the hydrodynamics of aquatic life with a passion for exceptional paint work.